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  • Piramal Group, over the past 10 years, has been in cooperation with dozens of global companies and led the fields in generics manufacture and CMO in the worid.

    Piramal Glass Limited (PGL) belongs to Piramal Group.

    PGL is a global leader in delivering worid-dass packaging solutions for the pharmaceuticals and perfumery businesses and offers an entire gamut of glass container solutions under one umbrella, making them a one-stop-shop for all the needs of customers. PGL’s end-to-end moulded bottle solutions include full bottle des -ign capabilities, in-house mould design, CNC machines for mould manufacturing, high quality glass manufa -cturing and dedicated ancillaries for decoration and accessories like caps, brushes, pumps and cartons, etc.

    Full international certificates and competitive prices of PGL’s products catch the attention of Chinese pharmaceutical companies with exporting.

  • Piramal Glass Limited is one of the major producers of moulded vials and bottles in the world. Its four produc -tion facilities (two in India, one in the US and the other in Sri Lanka) product Type I vials and bottles (neutral borosilicate glass), Type II (sodium calcium glass vials and bottles with surface treatment) and Type III vials and bottles (sodium calcium glass). PGL is not only the world’s largest supplier of cosmetic bottles, but also ranks in the top 3 suppliers of moulded vials and bottles for pharmaceutical use. Its cost-effective products are supplied to almost all famous pharmaceutical companies at every corner of the world.


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