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  • Foundation stone of ‘Thermolab Group’ was laid in Mumbai in 1967 with a history of 48 years. Thermolab Group has 5 subsidiaries, possessing its stability test research center and customers all over 40 countries.
    The products include walk-in stability chamber,cooling cabinet, photostability chamber and incubator, etc. It has won “UBM India Pharma Awards 2015-Leader” in Sustainability Chamber.

    o Adopting laminar flow technology ensuring the uniformity of temperature and humidity.
    o CE Certification.
    o Software is audited and found compliant with FDA 21 CFR.
    o Water saving and power saving thanks to hydronic cooling system.


  • Walk – In Stability Chamber

    Walk-In Stability Chamber are cost effective and a reliable solution for high volume test applications for stability studies. The chambers reproduce and closely monitor environment with aprecise combination of temperature and humidity. The chamber is available in strandard size and also custom made to suit the layout and requirement.


    o Low energy and low water consumption chambers.
    o Most preferred chambers for USFDA & UK-MHRA approvals.
    o 5000 chambers installed worldwide.
    o Chambers for continuous operations.
    o Total man, machine and sample safety.
    o Higher accuracy chambers also available.


    o Prefabricated modular structure.
    o Reinforced floor panels.
    o Door with observatin window.
    o Accurate control.
    o Multiple sensors for online mapping.
    o Uniform conditions.
    o Data storage and recording.
    o Computer interface.
    o 21FCR complant software
    o PLC for controls and changeover.
    o Stand by refeigeration and humidity system.
    o Complete safety and alarm system.
    o GSM mobile alert system.
    o Door access security system.
    o Alternative PLC with touch screen display with ethernet.
    o Web based online remote monitoring.
    o Utility management system.
    o Extensive IQ, OQ and PQ protocols.
    o Works on 440V AC three phase 50HZ.



    Standard Model(S) : Inside stainless steel matt finish & outside mild steel powder coated.
    GMP Model(G) : Inside & outside stainless steel matt polish.
    Temp. Range / Accu. : 20℃-50℃/±0.2℃ Temp. Uniformity : ±2.0℃
    Humidity Range / Accu. : 40%-90%RH/±2.0%RH Humidity Uniformity : ±3.0%RH


    Other sizes are available on request.

    a. Above chambers are suitable for conditions such as 25℃/60%RH, 40℃/75%RH, 30℃/65%RH.
    b. Low RH chambers are also available for conditions of 25℃/40%RH, 40℃/25%RH, 30℃/35%RH.

    Biggest Walk-In Stability Chamber manufactured, installed and validated is of 267,500 Ltrs volume with size of W*D*H=11.89*7.5*3.0 mtrs.